As agreed with World Bank during Mid-term review mission in August, 2016,  six Project which were incomplete during the Original Scope (OS) will be taken by GoN for its completion.

Under IWRMP-AF –(December, 2013-June, 2018), 83 various irrigation schemes were taken for its improvement to ensure year round irrigation facility for 15,851 ha of agriculture land which include 77 surface irrigation schemes and 6 ground water irrigation schemes. The PICC approved cost of those 83 sub-projects is NRs. 2603979000.00 Up to June, 2016 thirty (30) out of 83 approved sub-Projects were completed and remaining 53 sub-Projects were under implementation at various stages. All projects were planned to complete 34 sub-projects by June 2017 and the remaining 17 sub-project by June, 2018.

With a very effective implementation of the sub-Projects under component A, the OPD further plans to use a portion of expected saving amount (about 4.5 Million USD) for irrigation infrastructure development under component A of IWRMP-AF. Based on the sub-project implementation status and as suggested during mid-term review mission, the projects in the following districts will be identified for further project implementation.