The Irrigation and Water Resource Management Project (IWRMP) is financed by the World Bank (WB), the Government of Nepal (GON), and the involved Water User Associations (WUAs), and is being executed by Department of Irrigation (DOI). 


Components of IWRMP

A – Rehabilitation and Modernization of Irrigation Infrastructure

B – Irrigation Management Transfer Reform

C – Institutional and Policy Support for Improved Water Management

D – Integrated Crop Water Management


 Overall objectives of Component-A

(i) improve irrigation water service delivery in selected schemes in the Mountain, Hill and Terai plus development and expansion of groundwater irrigation in the Terai in selected sites in 40 districts of Nepal (West:16, Mid West:15 and Far West:9) covering 134 FMISs (Farmers Managed Irrigation Schemes) - (Surface: 125 & GW: 9) having total command area of 20,038 ha (Surface: 17,643 ha and GW: 2,395 ha)

(ii) Capacity building of DOI with inland / foreign trainings, workshops and study tours.

(iii) Institutional Strengthening and support activities to DOI and WUAs and

(iv) Feasibility study, and detail engineering design of the schemes, and technical assistance for implementation.