Brief Description

  • Project implementation period under OS covered the period from March 01, 2008 to June 30, 2013. However, the completion deadline was extended to 30 June, 2016. The consulting services provide technical assistance to the Department of Irrigation. A total of 755.60 MM (Int'l: 9.53 MM, National: 746.07 MM) has been consumed from the beginning to the end of the project.
  • The Project Implementation & Coordination Committee (PICC) approved 134 subprojects (19 in mountain, 81 in hill and 34 in Terai) at an estimated cost of NRs. 3,148.79 Million.
  • As of June 2016, 129 subprojects (18 in mountain, 79 in hill and 31 in Terai) have been completed covering 18,312 ha of land at a cost of NRs. 2,292.02 Million.
  • Six subprojects remained incomplete (2 in western, 3 in mid-western and 1 in far-western region) with area 1,596 ha.
  • 112 out of the completed 128 SPs showed improvement in water delivery. The average water delivery in the mountainous region has improved from 60 lps to 122 lps. Similarly, the average water delivery in the hills has been improved from 51 lps to 151 lps and the figure in the terai is 769 lps from 192 lps. Percentage increase in irrigation at tail end command area also registered an upward trend: in the Mountain region (10 to 75.6 %), Hill (3 to 70%), and in Terai (10 to 64%). Substantial increase in the irrigated area was also recorded, in the Mountain belt: 294 to 498 ha, in the Hill: 1934 to 4090 ha and in the Terai: 3,164 to 5,824 ha.
  • Regarding the timeliness of water delivery 72% of Head reach and 52% of Middle reach farmers have rated as excellent, 46 % of Middle and 78 % of Tail end farmers as good and 5% of Tail Enders rated as poor.
  • The current average cropping intensity in 106 subprojects is 233% against the prior figure of 156%. Average pre and post project productivity of major crops (t/ha) showed a rise Paddy (2.219 to 3.616 t/ha) Wheat (1.705 to 2.692 t/ha) and Maize (1.765 to 2.797t/ha) potato (7.799 to 13.128 t/ha) and vegetable (8.273 to 13.654 t/ha). As regards the cost benefit of major crops, paddy pays the highest benefit of 63% followed by maize of 58%.