Name of Workshop Date Venue
World Bank Mission June 17,2018 Western Development Region
IWRMP Progress Presentation June 14-15, 2018 Meeting Hall (Department of Irrigation)
Project Interaction/Orientation/Refresher Training February 22,2018 Mahendranagar
Project Interaction/Orientation/Refresher Training January 26,2018 Nepalgunj
Review Workshop Under Component B, IWRMP January 8-10,2018 Chitwan 
World Bank Mission December 18-21,2017 Mahendranagar,Surkhet,Rupandehi, Narayani
World Bank Mission December 3,2017 Banke, Bardiya
Project Interaction/ Orientation/ Refresher Training November 8, 2017 Pokhara
Wrap up meeting of Implementation Review and Support Mission  August 1, 2017 Meeting Hall( Ministry of Energy, Water Resource and Irrigation)
Implementation Review and Support Mission of World Bank July 23, 2017 Meeting Hall (Department of Irrigation)
Far-Western Regional Workshop under Component A Feb 26- Mar 1, 2017 Mahendranagar
Mid-Western Regional Workshop under Component A Jan 30- Feb 1, 2017 Nepalgunj
Review Workshop under Component B January 22-24, 2017 Butwal
Western Regional Workshop under Component A Jan 12-15, 2017 Pokhara