Stage-1:  Irrigation Systems Selection for IMT Step-1: Site selection criteria development for irrigation system short listing  Implementation Manual
Step-2: Approval of the selected irrigation system  
Stage-2: Preparation of the IMT Agreement Documen Step-3: WUA consultation (First and Second)  
Step-4: Basic Information collection through RA method Bench Marking
Rapid Appraisal
Step-5: ESI prioritization and estimate  Detailed Cost Estimates
Step-6: Preparation of the draft IMT Agreement Document   
Step-7: Third consultation with central WUA and General Assembly   
Step-8: IMT Agreement Document signing by WUA and DOI Signed IMT Agreement Document
Stage-3:  Implementation of the IMT Agreement (Institutional Development and Irrigation System Improvement) Step-9: Institution development Institutional Development Plan
Annual Action Plan (product of workshops)
Rules and Regulations
Step-10: ESI implementation SEMP Reports
Step-11: Water management program implementation Calibration
Canal Operational Plan (COP) 
Asset Management Plan (AMP) 
Step-12:  Management responsibility transfer to WUA  
Stage-4: Performance  Evaluation and Exit plan development Step-13: Performance evaluation of irrigation system and WUA Performance Evaluation Reports
Step-14: Exit Plan (WUA, DOI, DOA) for WUA sustainability Exit Plans
Additional Documents TA trimester Reports
Parcellary Maps
Irrigation Area Boundary Maps
Aide memoire
ToT manual
Monitoring and Evaluation Guideline